You could tell how bike friendly a city is by the number of women on bikes. In a city where bike riding in general is not always a bliss, SkirtBike™ aims to celebrate the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women and to encourage those who don’t already cycle. SkirtBike™ is a fun, colorful and friendly women bicycle ride, where the skirt or the dress is the proper outfit.

What is SkirtBike?

Inspired by the huge cycle chic wave that rapidly spreads from Copenhagen to New York and Tokyo, Bucharest started in 2010 the SkirtBike project as an advocacy blog that promotes urban cycling to women. Twice a year we go offline for a stylish bicycle parade where the skirt and the bicycle are the dress code. Since 2012, 7 other Romanian cities joined the skirtbike movement, making it a national event: Iași, Timișoara, Sibiu, Arad, Baia Mare, Drobeta Turnu Severin and Cluj.

This is how we started Skirt Bike Parade in 2010

Skirt Bike goal

Our mission is to promote cycling from another perspective, as a safe, fun, joyful and why not a stylish way of transport. We are using positive messages and great visual images of women riding their bikes with ease and joy along Bucharest’s streets and parks. We are also encouraging women to learn riding a bicycle, by organizing pre-event bike lessons.

Our goal is to increase the number of bicycles on the streets by promoting their use in everyday life, going to work, school, shopping or any another daily activities

Our goal to use the bicycle in everyday life, for going to work, school, shopping, market or doing errands. By having more bicycles on the streets we encourage the rest of the people to consider cycling as their transportation of choice.

Who is it aimed at?

We believe that women are the best bicycle advocates, because they are change makers, socially involved, financial decision makers and not at last, they are mothers that pass on to their children the good habits. We feel that women need special attention and encouragement to start cycling, because they are not willing to take too much risk. And when she must face the unfriendly car drivers, not accustomed to cyclists on the streets, she needs to join a community and practice cycling in small groups, slow rides, where they can socialize with more experienced female riders.

SkirtBike bicycle parade invites women all ages, optimistic, chic, interested in fashion and style, and more important, decided to have a healthy and meaningful lifestyle to give it a try and see what they can achieve.

The event

When:  June 2nd 2013

Where:  Alba Iulia, Arad, Baia Mare, Brașov, București, Cluj, Constanța, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Iași, Sibiu, Timișoara.

Skirt Bike Bucharest Main Activity
•A slow ride on the streets of Bucharest

Sub activities
•Handmade workshop bicycle themed
•Female speakers invited from different artistic areas: music, theater, literature
•Bicycle accessories and cycle related items as giveaway
•Competition of best cycle chic lady
•Photo call
•Photography competition
•SkirtBike movie

Previous SkirtBike events

Back in 2010, when we started the SkirtBike™ project, almost all media content was about cycling as a sport, considering a heroic act to bike to work on the streets of Bucharest, especially as a female in a chic outfit. At the first SkirtBike™ , we had only 150 participants, that overcome the bad weather, but people got he message right and the following year, we had about 300 women and a few men wearing kilts proudly riding together. Last year, 2000 women joined the skirtbike movement in 8 different cities in Romania, making it a national event.

We invite you to watch our Facebook Pages:

 Be proud to ride like a girl!

photo credits: Daniel Vrăbioiu (Skirt Bike Bucharest), Silviu Cozma ( Skirt Bike Arad), Kinga Kalmar (Skirt Bike Baia Mare).

  25 Responses to “About”

  1. Buna ziua!
    Ma intereseaza sa particip la SkirtBike in Bucuresti. Doresc sa stiu de unde se pot inchiria biciclete si cum se procedeaza ( se fac inscrieri?).

  2. Bună Otilia, sunt o mulțime de centre de închiriere în București. Găsești aici: http://bicla.ro/inchirieri-biciclete-bucuresti/

    De exemplu, la I’Velo poți rezerva o bicicletă online :)

  3. La ce ora va incepe adunarea pentru SkirtBike?

    • Buna Alexandra. Noi vrem sa ne adunam pe la 16.00 si sa pornim pe traseu pe la 17.00. Inca nu am primit un raspuns sigur in ceea ce priveste autorizatia, pentru a va comunica traseul si punctul de plecare. Multumim pentru rabdare!

  4. Ce ne facem daca ploua? :)

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  6. Este un eveniment destinat femeilor sau pot participa si baietii, poate la costum de exemplu :D ?

  7. [...] șic, care defilează pe străzile Bucureștiului. Mesajul pe care vor să-l transmită fetele, citez: În București nu există o infrastructură adecvată pentru bicicliști și tocmai de aceea am [...]

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  9. [...] este organizat cu scopul de a contura acest sport cu putina feminitate, iar intreaga actiune de SkirtBike va avea loc pe platoul din fata Bibliotecii Judetene “Petre Dulfu” din Baia Mare. Toate [...]

  10. Buna ziua.Imagini de la SkirtBike Arad puteti viziona la mine pe blog:Mount Retezat;Pur&Simplu.

  11. [...] SkirtBike e un eveniment biciclistic destinat cu precădere femeilor. Am mai povestit despre el pe blog, dar dacă încă aveţi nevoie de mai multe detalii vă invit să le citiţi pe site-ul oficial. [...]

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  13. bike frenzy, suna foarte bine

  14. My mate says I ride like a girl – can I join ?

  15. [...] este! Este una dintre cele doua minunate fete care au creat evenimnetul (acum cu renume mondial) Skirtbike. In Romania Skirtbike a fost un eveniment care se intampla o data, de doua ori pe an, acum el a [...]

  16. Buna,
    Pot organiza pt 2014, skirt bike la Drobeta Turnu Severin?
    Exista deja cineva care se ocupa de organizare??

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