Bicycles as women’s fashion statement.

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Who are we?

And what is SkirtBike?

You can tell how bike-friendly a city is by the number of women on bikes. In a city where bike riding in general is not always a bliss, SkirtBike™ aims to celebrate the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women and to encourage those who don’t already cycle. SkirtBike™ is a fun, colorful and friendly women bicycle ride, where the skirt or the dress is the proper outfit.

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Back in 2010, when we started the SkirtBike™ project, almost all media content was about cycling as a sport, considering a heroic act to bike to work on the streets of Bucharest, especially as a female in a chic outfit. At the first SkirtBike™ , we had only 150 participants, that overcome the bad weather, but people got he message right and the following year, we had about 300 women and a few men wearing kilts proudly riding together. Last year, 2000 women joined the SkirtBike movement in 11 different cities in Romania, making it a national event.

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